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3 Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Old ChathamFor the most part, homeowners don't need to think twice about their air conditioning systems. Most of the time, ACs keep our homes cool and comfortable, and the most we need to do is change the filters. However, like any major appliance that you regularly use, the machinery of your AC can develop problems, and no matter how small or large those are, you need to have them repaired as quickly as possible.

Any kind of problem with your home's air conditioner will have a major effect on your home's comfort and its energy efficiency. At On Demand Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, our Old Chatham air conditioning contractors can help you keep your air conditioner in great shape at all times, and when you do encounter any problems with it, we can provide you with prompt repairs.

Here are a few of the most common problems you'll encounter with your air conditioner and the steps you should take to repair them:

The Unit Will Not Turn On

If your air conditioning unit isn't turning on, it could simply be that your thermostat isn't set correctly.

If the problems is just your thermostat, you can resolve the issue on your own very quickly. Check your Old Chatham home's thermostat and make sure that it's set to the "cooling" position. If you have an automated thermostat, you should check to make sure that it's not set to be off during this time. If neither of these steps solves the problem, call our professionals to have your thermostat re-calibrated.

If the thermostat isn't what's causing the problem, your air conditioner might not be receiving electricity. Check to see if your circuit breaker has tripped. If the breaker trips repeatedly, don't continue to turn it back on, and call a professional for repairs as soon as possible. Always contact a professional for any electrical work to ensure that you don't injure yourself or damage your property.

The Unit Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioner blows warm air, the most likely culprit is your filters. If that's the case, then your air conditioner is producing cold air, but it isn't able to distribute that air through your ducts. You should clean or change your filters at least once every three months during the cooling season to avoid this.

If your filters are in good shape, then your Old Chatham home's AC's out door unit is probably malfunctioning. Call us for an inspection if this is the case.

Your AC Coils Are Frozen

A frozen coil is most frequently an issue the airflow. Restrictions of air can be caused by dirty air filters or obstructed ducts. You may be able to clear away some debris on your own, but you should also have a professional clean your ducts regularly.

If you're looking for air conditioning repairs in Old Chatham, call On Demand Comfort Heating & Air at 518-701-1098 or complete our online request form.

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