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How To Avoid Boiler Problems This Winter In New York

New York boilers Boilers come in all sizes from smaller standard home systems to industrial-sized behemoths. What's great about boilers is how quickly they heat up our New York homes on a really cold day or night. However, residential boilers do need to be at least seasonally serviced and larger systems much more regularly or the risk of breakdown is unavoidable.

Boilers work by heating water and then passing it throughout the home into hot water radiators which produce radiant heat. Some boilers also heat hot water for bathing and cleaning as well. Radiant heat is wonderful because it makes the floors, walls, and objects in the rooms warm, whereas furnaces with air blowers will only heat the air.

Avoiding Big Problems With Boiler Maintenance

Boilers have gas lines and heat water to a significantly high temperature. This means the unit could be dangerous if it's not kept in good shape. Imagine an enclosed system that gets punctured or ruptured. If gas leaks and ignites, in the worst case scenario you would suffer death and possibly the death of others. If boiling water is spewed out, you or someone else could suffer from scalding.

Boiler maintenance needs to be done at least once a year if you own this type of heating system in New York - just for safety's sake. The gas lines, radiators, and water lines do not last forever. They most commonly fail at joints and connections, but even the boiler can leak or rust out and burst.

Seasonal boiler maintenance should include testing all the gas lines and connections to ensure there are no problems with deadly gases leaked into your home. You need to ensure that any rust or corrosion is taken care of.

Avoiding Other, But Not Less Significant, Boiler Problems With Maintenance

Boiler maintenance offers more benefits than just keeping your home safe. With care, the boiler heating equipment will last longer and will not need as many repairs along the way. It will also run more efficiently.

Avoiding Lime Scale Buildup Within The Boiler System

When limestone gets superheated by a boiler, it takes on the form of scaly residue. The limescale is very sticky, which is why it builds up and hardens within the system. This substance causes corrosion which leads to all sorts of boiler problems. You would do well to install a water softener in your home to treat the water before it reaches the boiler. This will help keep rust and corrosion at bay and will make your boiler last much longer. Contact our professional HVAC team today!

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